It's a board game that involves NFT’s. Data is stored and events happen on blockchain (Polygon). Players have to pay small amount of MATIC for a dice roll. After they proceed through the board those funds go to the grid owner that owns that particular NFT space as well as the prize pool itself. Purchases of board grids (NFTs) and Ad space (NFTs) fuels the prize pool. Ad space NFTs have expiration time. It means that after some time they can be minted again and ownership is transferred to new owner. Excellent use case for such NFT's are marketing ads that user can buy and upload and edit content themselves and all that is happening on blockchain.

Matunity showcase

How it's made

We used Solidity to write smart contracts for Ad space and the board game itself. Ankr was used to monitor changes in blockchain and PHP API to interact with it. All NFT data is fetched by PHP API and later sent to Angular fronted. For interactions with blockchain application uses web3js with Metamask integration. Designer used Figma to build all designs.