Meedayu is a social media platform that combines the best of web2 social media sites and monetizes them with web3. Our goal is to bring people into the web3 space from web2 by making everyone a creator. On Meedayu, you can do what you already love doing, sharing photos and engaging with a community, meeting new people or showcasing your art, only now you have the choice of minting any post as an NFT, be it text, photo or video. You can also set privacy levels to public, private or for paid subscribers only. Host an event on Meedayu and limit attendees to NFT ticket holders. Did your post get 10 million views? Sell it as an NFT and get kickbacks for every resale on the open market. Login using web3auth easily or create a traditional web2 login if you're still not ready to monetize your account. Meedayu allows everyone to become a creator on web3 and turn their hobbies into income without needing sponsors or ad revenue, in a truly decentralized way. It's passion from Meedayu!

Meedayu showcase

How it's made

Meedayu uses web3auth to allow users to login seamlessly with web2 or web3 accounts. We used React/JavaScript with styled-components for an easily scalable and mobile friendly front end UI. For the backend we used MySQL and PHP for traditional back end databases as well as Solidity ERC-721 contracts to deploy on Polygon mainnet. Users can view their NFTs in our app from a web3.js - Metamask connection.