This Project we created a Platform where developers can add different genre of Games and Players will be able to convert their rewards earned inside these games to NFTs. Once players earn these in-game Assets they can be converted to NFTs and you can store them inside your Wallet, and all these Assets can be used even in games from other genres or in different games of same genre. Interoperability of assets inside the ecosystem completely depends on the creativity of Game Developers. We also have our own Marketplace where you can sell your earned Assets or create Assets for players and sell them. We have future plans to implement lending and borrowing of these Assets which will be extremely beneficial for Players even after they switch over to a different Game.

Metafied showcase

How it's made

Starting with the Games, we have implemented Moralis Unity SDK to connect our Wallet from Unity. And transferring of NFTs also will be implemented using Moralis(Planned in near future) . For Marketplace we deployed it using Alchemy and in Polygon Mumbai Testnet. We used NEXT JS ,Hardhat and Ethers to build the Marketplace. Every Transaction can be done using Polygon Tokens, and also we deployed in Rinkeby Testnet and have plans to move to Layer 2 chains.