This is a 3D metaverse (web3verse), where you can connect with friends, query on chain data, mint nfts to your self or your friends and buy NFts all in one place and can checkout the collections on the polygon chain and read the data on the polygon chain, you can also view a collection and checkout the nfts owned in each of them. while still having fun over chat πŸ™Œ

Metaplex showcase

How it's made

Metaplex was built on polygon with: unity covalent nftport moralis (using the unity moralis sdk) photon pun polygon : The app is built on polygon chain and I used moralis database for storing player attributes and syncing them together. The api request query data from only the covalent chain, minting is dont with nft port on the covalent chain, the Nfts been visualize is gooten from a smart contract deployed on the covalent chain and the trasactions happen on the covelent chain when trying to buy nfts. covalent : My app is dependent on covalent as I used various of their endpoints like - get all the transactions of address - get the contract info and also the tokenid of all the nfts in the contract - get the contract metadata for token uri - get the collection name, address,count,symbol and all of this get updated when the fetch button is press with a valid address inputed. - All the endpoints from covalent currently run on polygon only, so does the verse nft port : We used nft port to be able to gasless mint nft and send it to an address we specific. while still exploring the metaverse and off course communicating with friends. moralis: We also used moralis for authentication with wallectconnect, so the database can properly sync the status, this was done using the moralis unity sdk . uinty: This was built with unity 3d game engine. Photonpun: i use this to make the servers and make it that players can cannot to the same room and see the same things