A learning web platform to teach beginners, skeptics and the curious folks on the basics of NFTs. Users will walk through easy digestible and visually appealing graphics on what an NFT is, how you can make one and where they live. At the end of the intro module, users can mint their own NFTs via the platform for free without key management. Users can share their first NFTs with friends via social media platforms engaging other newbies and skeptics to learn about NFTs themselves. Potential revenue streams can come from referrals to on-ramps (ie. Coinbase), or other web3 platforms.

My First NFT showcase

How it's made

The UI and branding was made using Adobe Illustrator and Figma. The app is a website hosted on heroku. There is a smart contract that runs on Polygon's Mumbai which mints NFTs for the user for free. Web3auth provides a managed key for using Polygon, and the NFT that the user collects as a reward for completing the module is sent to the Web3Auth address. Moralis is used to upload the NFT file via IPFS. The smart contracts were put together with Hardhat.