The idea is to create DAOs that have their finances sorted. Having been part of many DAOs, I personally observed that many DAOs were quite haphazard in terms of their finances, so with this *MyTribe DAO Protocol*, influencers or small business-persons can set up their e-commerece store (shifting away fom the archaic models of Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, etc), tokenize the equity of that store and use it to raise capital, build a community around the store or to enhance engagement within a pre-existing community. With this the investors (who buy the tokens of the shop) get a new investment instrument about which they know on a personal level and for the original store owners this is a great marketing strategy as the sales from this not only strengthens the DAO, but directly gives them an monetary incentive.

MyTribe DAO showcase

How it's made

The contracts include four contract: 1) A shop factory contract 2) A Token mint contract 3) A shop logic contract and 4) A shop escrow contract. The contracts are all deployed on the Polygon testnet Mumbai. For hacking, I have used the Moralis ethereum boilerplate and also used the Moralis APIs for uploading data to the IPFS and interacting with my contracts. Used Chainlink oracles inside of my contracts to convert prices of shop items from US Dollars terms to $MATIC terms