This application makes life easy just like old days when we used to exchange pokemon cards. Exchanging NFT to another NFT is a huge problem now. There are currently only two options but both have thier own downsides. List in a marketplace: There is a hugh possibility that someone else could buy it or the intended person may not have enough crypto to make this happen. Blind-Trust: Sending the NFT to other person, trusting that he/she will pay you back. (Stupid option xD). So this application solves this problem.

NEX showcase

How it's made

So i have used chainlink vrf to create unique random hash so that you can share it with your friend for swapping NFTs and nobody else can spam. And I have deployed smartcontracts in polygon testnet. Also used moralis for frontend to blockchain connectivity. Build a smart contract which will act as a mediator so people don't have to trust eachother.