NFT Gigs is like fiverr, but distributed and permissionless. It is a an open marketplace where anyone can post offers for a set price. It can be also be used as a backend for any eCommerce application. The core of the project is a self-selling escrow ERC1155 smart contract that manages the entire offer lifecycle (purchase, order, delivery, review...) on chain and never makes any mistakes.

NFT Gigs showcase

How it's made

I used solidity remix to write the contract and used the Moralis boilerplate to as a UI, authentication, database, and chain interaction. In the contract I emit events that are then synched to the Moralis server's DB and can be queried and built upon like any other conventional web2 application. The fundamental data is saved on-chain while any additional data can be added via an additional IPFS URI. Find me with my new social profile