Main Design Idea— --- Personalized dashboard with wallet connection of user to create an account where they can have their own customized collection and resources of NFTs. We used moralis API to make NFT collection in one place for the accessibility of new and existing users --- Developed a state of art visual hashing to identify % of similarities between NFTs (this is done with simulated data). As of future work, we would like to work on real NFT data from cross-chain to train the state of art CV algorithm to identify similarity/difference in NFTs with provenance workflow of similar NFTs created by different creators.

NFT-Personalized showcase

How it's made

We used React Js app to create our frontend. For wallet connection, we did web3 integration with metamask wallet. We curated the cross chain NFT data by moralis to make the collection of NFT in our dapps. We used sponsor technology Moralis. We used computer vision algorithm to measure object semantics to detect similarity for hashing.