We are allowing NFT creators to build offline presence by enabling their NFTs to be visible in Apple/Google Wallets. Apple/Google Wallets instantly enrich NFTs with geofencing, NFC/QRCode connectivity, and push notifications. The target audience for our tools include brands that are trying to build online/offline communities using NFTs like NIKE, Adidas, Budweiser, and NFT collection brands that are trying to add utility for their community members like BAYC.

NFT to Apple Wallet showcase

How it's made

We have 3 components in our solution: 1. Frontend component for the end users built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS and Moralis API / SDK for Polygon Blockchain. We've built a responsive user interface so our system works with mobile and desktop Metamask. 2. We have a backend service that uses Apple Passkit API, QRCode API, and ImageMagick SDK to generate Apple Walle Pass. 3. Pass validation service with a responsive UI to quickly check if the pass is valid (i.e. while checking tickets at the gate). For validation, we are using a signed public wallet address.