In real world, we can find a lot of cases where people want to trade item-to-item with other people/organization such as sports teams swap their players during transfer windows. Currently for NFT we didn't see similar platform to do that, you will have to sell your NFT first and use that fund to buy the NFT you wanted. This project achieves this purpose by enabling 1-to-1 NFT swap. People can list their NFTs or user their NFT to buy other peoples NFT.

NFT Transfer Market showcase

How it's made

We are two backend engineers which no experience in web3 and solidity programming. Finding it super interesting we decided to get our hands dirty and build something interesting. We want to start with an escrow as practice but later find out that we can build a simple NFT change on top of it. Trying to be innovative, we found out that in current market there is no NFT to NFT swap exists (as far as we know), that’s how this project come to exist. We built a simple smart swap smart contract, have it deployed on Rinkeby and Mumbai test net, did couple NFT swap by ourselves, that was support fun! And we hope this can be the start point for our road to web3.