Problems: - Lack of Monetisation: Currently, creators or in fact, any professionals face a major issue of not being able to monetize their time. Asking for payment upfront for booking a calendar is not a good way to go about it. - Utility of NFTs: NFTs today have a very limited real-life utility apart from bragging rights. Solutions: - NFT-gated Calendars: NFTCal will let users buy their favorite celebrities/mentors NFT, which like any NFT can have a floor price. This doesn’t have bragging rights but also lets them buy time for their celebrities. In a way, it will take time-based NFTs mainstream - Trade NFTs & Connect with Wallet: The entire platform will be designed to be the “Web3 Calendly”, and people need to sign up with their wallets like Metamask, where will retrieve NFTs and check if the person has access to a particular event or meet. Further, a person just can any NFTs list on Opensea and trade them, giving genuine NFTs features. - Proof of Attendance: What after a person has attended the event, does it become useless? Nope, the NFTs become POAP-type, where the NFT will serve as the bragging rights that he has met his favorite celebrities and also serves as proof of attendance. The overall solution wants to give NFTs both bragging value as well a utility, which is missing in celebrity-driven NFTs. Alternate use cases: These are even relevant in the professional world, where a mentor can mint his own calendar-based NFTs and ask his mentees to buy their “time” i.e NFTs! Business Model: We will take generate NFT royalties fees for each event created.

NFTCal showcase

How it's made

Our team was pretty amazed by the growth of NFTs in 2021. From artistic works to music, there are many unique use cases for NFTs. However, we observed that there were no use cases around NFT as a function of time. Just link NFTs, someone’s time is unique and non-fungible. As we brainstormed more, we realized that creating an open marketplace using NFT could help people monetize their time. This led to the idea of NFTCal. We believe that NFTCal can help influencers, celebrities, and famous personalities allow their followers to bid for their favorite celebrity’s time slot at their convenience. Once bought, you can trade these NFTs and even list them on NFT marketplaces. Going forward, we would like to approach famous YouTubers to try this product and grow further. Tech Stack: We will be using Web3Auth for Wallet Integrations, NFTport for NFT minting, retrieval and the Frontend will be made using React.Js The entire product will be built on Polygon.