We all have used Web2 based ticket booking platforms like BookMyShow or These platforms come with a lot of problems like surcharge and convenience fees. A web3 based ticketing platform would solve these problems and bring additional benefits making tickets Transferable, Resalable at market price, Renewable and Can be used as a pass — multiple times freely in a given period of time. To solve this problem we present to you NFTickets! NFTickets is a platform where tickets are sold as NFTs. Any and all events can be listed, for example, parties, exhibitions, esports events, be it virtual or in person. This brings exclusivity to the NFTs. Event organizers sell it as their own. Users also get tokens for referring friends to the events. Brands list their event and create different types of tickets they are selling into different sets of NFTs, they get a unique QR code once they mint those sets of tickets. Users scan QR codes at the event to get entry into the event. Event organizers can get users to place bids on their tickets to make it fun! We also offer support for digital subscriptions. Sign in with your wallet and if you have your subscription NFT you are good to go!

NFTickets showcase

How it's made

NFTickets is a dApp built for the polygon ecosytem. The smart contracts are written using solidity and deployed to the Polygon Mumbai testnet. The dApp uses Sequence as a wallet to onboard users quickly and let them make transactions seamlessly. The tickets for events are ERC-1155 standard tokens which are minted by the event organizer. NFTicket contract - 0xa36d81cef82104d5558619d94a47424e2f7bcbb70820c58f23eeefa83897b93e NFTicketReferral contract - 0xa9296c5184d22f3D9EBF7fbc68306c9feebF0625 NFTPort is used to deploy the smart contract and mint NFTs. Moralis is used to get NFT information and render the different views showing details about the NFTs. Covalent is used to get all Tickets for the NFTicket smart contract and list Tickets by event.