This a Strategy Blockchain Game where players disperse their forces inside the domain they control. The goal of the game is to gain control of the enemy territory, while keeping control of your own domain, as well as keeping your forces alive. Forces have a will of their own. Once dispersed they can choose to move and attack the enemy or simply wait. If they choose to wait they can be surprised by the enemy. In combat there are only two rules - the Hexagon Rule and the Triangle Rule, both explained in the Video. All of the Game's Logic is inside the Nugao Smart Contract.

Nugao showcase

How it's made

Polygon's Testnet (Mumbai) and Chainlink's VRF was used to develop, deploy and verify the Nugao Smart Contract. This was done using Hardhat. Chainlink's VRF is used to determine the order of moves. Frontend is made with React.js and the website is deployed on Heroku (Express.js just serves the build folder of the frontend). IDE used: VS Code.