We build a order-book decentralised exchange, which may sound old-school, but we innovate on the mechanics the limit/waiting and take/market orders get processed. We will use the unexploited feature of ERC20 tokens's spending approval system in a clever way where we see multiple advantages. Here are a few proposed usage examples for the Opportunistic/Optional Matcher protocol: All cryptocurrencies seem overvalued but I'd like to get some tokens of multiple favourite projects so I put in 100 USD and set buy orders for each of them in a price that would seem fair, wait for bearish market and get the first token that reached that fair price. Other great benefit seems for exiting interest-bearing positions represented as tokens, say I'd offer 10 aMATIC for 280 USDC and it is quite likely that one day it will be hit and I'll find the fiat in my wallet. Another thing we will look into offering is transmutation of far-from-current-price orders into option-like agreements.

oMatcher showcase

How it's made

Hey, I have tried Scaffold once again, it compiles and so on, but it really made my system I moved to good old Hardhat for Solidity, set it all up for Polygon Mumbai testnet, Tarek joined later working with Brownie. So we are slowly building up the contracts, helping each other to learn a new thing or a few, exploring Moralis server+boilerplate framework to build a UI on, to get user login and front-end setup quick and nicely. We have only dabbled the implementation TBH, it should be factory->children design contracts and fascinating token trading UX on it, but hey our first global hackathon, having good time mattered too.