A subscription social platform for sharing private content for crypto. Works on Polygon Blockchain Get Content Fast We built the architecture so that the user gets the content as quickly as possible. We use a centralized backend to store and retrieve data. NFT, but not for JPG NFTs are used to purchase and confirm subscriptions, not to store jpegs. We use Non-Fungible Tokens as their original idea - the unique proof of ownership. Authorization via Web3 No email, no phone numbers, no KYC. You decide how much information you want to tell about yourself. All you have to do is verify your wallet ownership.

OnlyDefans showcase

How it's made

We created own smart contracts 0x0f0e2ab1a7c74fad82d23ebaa66ea7568df68e60, 0x34C55c1a3A2B008Ea9D48aBFacC931425A566498 and depoyed at Mumbai Polygon testnet. We use Node.js as backend service for serving data - images and content. On frontend we use Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Ethers.js