Organik DAO - Unified Finance. Open source technology that allows everyone to use our smart contracts to fund their projects using MATIC. You can also download our source code to create your own token and community. We reward sponsors with Organik Tokens that can later be traded freely for Free Food, Education and Lodging.

Organik DAO showcase

How it's made

Server-less dApp, deployed on IPFS. OrganikDao.sol - Smart Contract deployed to Mumbai Network. Front-End is HTML running 100% Client-Side. Deployed to IPFS via a Polygon Domain (UnlimitedDomains) Tech Stack: CSS Bootstrap v5, Moralis SDK, Metamask, Polygon, HTML, JavaScript. This projects fully works using Metamask Mobile Browser App. --- Reason to go server-less: We want this DAO to evolve in the future by the hand of it's community, But right now, 99% of the world needs help to jump in and become Web3 builders. Yes everyone should be part of this, as Web3 seems to be the backbone of all trust-based communities in the near future. We want to keep this project "as simple as possible". So if you are completely new to programming You can just take a look at our code or contracts, and have a clear understanding of what's happening, we want you to use your creativity to improve it, so we looked for the lowest entry barriers. For now, we wanted to stay away from NodeJS (React, Next, Angular, Vue) and decided to force all of this project's MVP code to run client-side. This ideal opens up this project to a whole new potential use cases that we can't even think of right now. For example: The HTML is less than 22 Kb and anybody can deploy the Organik DAO UX anywhere. It can be minted as an NFT, distributed on IPFS, and it will even run inside a Free GitHub Pages link. This means that this DAO can be used by humans around the world, that don't usually have access to banking or modern technology. It also means that people with much less technical background can start learning about Web2 and also Web3 by simply looking at our github repo. And hopefully use Organik DAO as a basic starting point for the next step in Unified Finance. (Decentralized also means Unified) Because it's all client-side, it is also distributed on IPFS and connected to our polygon website (https://Organik.DAO). We couldn't have gone server-less without the help of our Sponsors. **Polygon websites requires a special extension from Unlimited Domains. Polygon - Both the dAPP and the Smart Contract are connected to Polygon. For now, we haven't deployed the Smart Contract to Mainnet, so you need to be on Mumbai to interact with the smart contract. The contract is open source and costs less than 0.02 MATIC to deploy and less than 0.0002 MATIC to interact with some functions. Moralis SDK - This is an amazing tool. Looks like a Camry, but runs like a Tesla. ;P Technology being used: > Moralis SDK to Interact with Smart contracts. > Moralis Login (Metamask). > Moralis Database. > Speedy Nodes. Super-Fluid - We ran out of time to integrate them but we want to be able to turn our DAO running as a Super App. Due to the "All Client-Side" model it's been a bit harder, most of the docs are using NodeJS.