Pepe's Skool is focused on on-boarding newcomers to crypto and makes it easier for anyone learn about crypto. Memes keep us entertainment but, more importantly, lets us express ourselves. Most are made for fun or are really funny, though, some are created with deeper meanings — setting the tone of the current space. Vast meaningful memes were created since the rise of Bitcoin over the years and we strive to create a timeline of those significant events. This would make it easier and fun for anyone wanting to learn about how crypto, DeFi, NFTs came to be. Pepe is a green frog in "memes”. There are also other characters involved, but it is "Pepe" as the main character. It will be an NFT membership DAO model for the first 1000 members, along with a governance token. The first George Washington Meme NFT will be a crowdfund NFT for the treasury. The reminder 45 president meme NFTs will be available for minting to core contributors to the project, as a one of kind.

Pepe's Skool showcase

How it's made

We plan to use Unlock as a means to create an NFT membership only DOA model. We also plan to create contracs on Replit and store data/NFT using IPFS Pinata or via Mintgate. Alchemy will also help us host data and create the Dapp. As a beginner in coding and Solidity, I am still learning but making sure I am using the best and most cost-effective resources, like Polygon.