This is a one-of-a-kind NFT collection that uses its NFTs to build an entire DeFi protocol. After a mint, the entire purchase value goes to the Protocol Treasury, and it's available at all times only for the current owner of the NFT; No more waiting for someone to buy your NFT, and ending up never finding a buyer. The Treasury will use a series of DeFi protocols such as AAVE to stake the MATIC and generate value. The rewards will be redistributed to users that agree to lock their NFTs in the Protocol Staking contract (The Museum). The Protocol Treasury will also allow users to take loans using their NFTs as collateral. Mint, stake and earn passive income by using your NFT. On top of that, if you want to hold but use a percentage of your NFT value, take a loan! A user can donate the NFT and get a 90% cashback. No more speculative and static NFTs! Our Protocol creates dynamic NFTs used to generate yield and take loans, all while retaining a price warranty at all times!

Perpetual NFTs Protocol showcase

How it's made

All the project details are outlined in the full length Protocol Presentation! [we had to cut segments to make the presentation and demo fit in 4 min] Here is the link: Other than that the technologies used are: NFTs: + NodeJS + TensorFlow + Python Contracts: + HardHat + Moralis (Nodes) + AAVE Mumbai Contracts + OpenZeppelin Contracts + Waffle and Chai For Contract Testing + Contract Analysis (Surja, Slither) Front-End: + svelte + tailwindcss + ethers.js + covalent API + Metamask