This project will provide a complete solution for community burning of MATIC tokens. I am trying to combine and improvise existing ideas and fill in the existing gaps. Polygon currently had this brilliant idea to give an UI to burning of MATIC( to have a sense of really decentralised community. But people are not willing to spend their money on gas to burn Matic, as they are not gaining anything from it. I am planning to have a section where user can claim an NFT as reward for successfully complete one step of burn based on some criteria. Also currently there is support for metamask only, planning to add multi-wallet support. Also one more way to bring awareness is to give high level or insightful view of burns such as . Here a user will be recognised with their successful burn transaction.

PolygonBurn showcase

How it's made

The data is used from alchemy API to get blockwise details and covalent API to get transaction wise details right , I tried creating a graphql endpoint using already deployed mumbai subgraph from polygon people but it does not give out block wise information, I also tried with covalent, again the same issue. I have not been able to implement much of it, next I have planned to deploy a contract on polygon to mint collectibles for burning matic as rewards. And using already existing contracts for actual burn web3 calls. For multi wallet support I plan to use moralis/web3auth.