NFT Marketplace for polygon with auto generative art & moralis. Moralis was used for the first time in this hackathon. I got started from marketplace-boilerplate-project. deployed nft contract to polygon(mumbai) & minting it to each user. and to create market item, deployed markeplace contract to polygon then call createMarketItem method with tokenId. it will render deployed nft on marketplace in ui list. contract: payer address : 0x4D89C4Bf04425AEEc5e7FE3e9428Aee559dCa9ee marketplace owner address : 0x4D89C4Bf04425AEEc5e7FE3e9428Aee559dCa9ee nft contract address : 0x9198B250e8e9901E038104b285D8407Fe4a08FDb marketplace contract address : 0x869C7616a7CE7C1F4C4e21b59e3eB145cab72617

PolyMarket showcase

How it's made

By using moralis, set up boilerplate to get started. it provide object server and useful web3 apis. so it can be easy to querying what I want. the nft can sell or listing on the list. anyone who want to buy can trade for this. but I'm still get difficulty to deal with database things to sync with contract event. And by using covalent, getting nft transaction is very easily includes external metadata. it connected on my transactions tab. also to minting & upload metadata, use IPFS for this with nftport. generally all contract was deployed on polygon. polygon is super fast, would like to more deeper this project.