PolyPortal is a web3 on-boarding platform for Polygon that provides an interactive guided walkthrough on how to use and navigate web3 in order to support new web3 users and help achieve mass adoption of web3 on Polygon. It includes fiat to Polygon on-ramp and integration with Uniswap and breaking down step by step how to use dApps and protocols on Polygon.

PolyPortal showcase

How it's made

The web pp was built with React and Ethers. Web3Auth was used to create and manage wallets. Uniswap SDK (simple-uniswap-sdk) was used to interact with smart contracts to facilitate tokens swap. Used Wrye API to facilitate the fiat-to-crypto On-Ramp. Designed UI and User flow diagrams to try and create a seamless onboarding experience, that teaches users how to interact with protocols on their own.