Great ideas are created when curious minds meet. Such meetings are worth remembering. Posting a picture on twitter, instagram or cloud drive service is cool but, they might be taken down someday. Creating a POM will create your meeting records which are immutable and store them for forever on the blockchain.

POMPOM showcase

How it's made

We are using nextjs to build our front-end client, solidity for smart-contracts development and polygon mumbai testnet for hosting our contract. When a host creates/schedule an event then the guest wallet receives the two quantity of ERC1155 tokens(simply NFT). After the completion of event the host wallet can confirm the completion or happening of that particular event or meeting. Once the host confirms, it sends one ERC1155 token(simply NFT) out of the two the guest received initially. For storing information of meeting we are using IPFS and linking the each URI to each unique token.