ERC-721 tokens are used to represent individual copies of ebook titles so that they are given unique identities and assigned ownership. The content becomes a digital asset and users get to choose how they want to interact with their copies/assets. A secondary marketplace for ebooks gets formed, adding another stream of revenue for both the readers and publishers. Collectible books as well as cheaper alternatives become available due to free market economics. 1st copy of a particular book could be auctioned off for an outrageous amount while nth copy might be resold dirt cheap.

prana: showcase

How it's made

The project uses Moralis and ethers.js for API calls, and Moralis is also used to store user data, for ease of user experience. The book data is stored on IPFS, and the frontend is built using Next.JS. The contracts are deployed on Mumbai testnet. The contract is built using OpenZeppelin's implementation of the ERC-721 standard.