Tradingview is a comprehensive tool used by traders for charting and analysis But currently there is no tool capable of letting us make profitability scenarios based on asset prices The idea is to create a tool with a simple interface, where the user can create price projections on a fictitious portfolio and simulate various actions specific to decentralised and web3 finance to finally obtain profitability information Example: I own 2 btc, 10 eth, 5 nft of collection X, 3 aave and 1500 usdt I want to do different scenarios with actions like: staking, lp, collateral use by simulating different price, yield, rate variations, to determine what my opportunities are in view of my price convictions. It's no use gaining 15% in eth staking if the price drops by 50% over a given period, on account is it more judicious to put it in collateral, to lp it and to swap it according to the future prices I imagine? Today it is difficult to do this except with a paper, a calculator or an excel table In the manner of furucombo and easily adjustable graphs we want to create a tool capable of doing this, with the actions found in the world of decentralized finance and web3 to allow everyone to create scenarios. The goal is to offer a powerful tool to the users, and why one day to propose even more sophisticated tools to the institutions to allow them to make complex scenarios with different factors, parameters and in a secure way. Simulator of crypto investment : easily create projections and scenarios

Projection finance  showcase

How it's made

We use react js with material UI With react we want to use React-chartjs-2 or equivalent + an api to catch token price & web3 to let user access and save projections, graphql to save and display data. We have divided a projection in 3 steps: the initialization, by determining a start date and an end date, then the user chooses the different assets/tokens available in his virtual portfolio from there we go to step 2: establish a price evolution of each asset via a drag & drop chart or by adding price evolutions via a table below the chart step 3 : simulate actions related to the DeFi like swap, LP, staking, collateralization, etc... Later we want to allow the user to retrieve his existing portfolio or that of any ethereum address (like zapier) and simulate price evolutions and actions to imagine the consequences it would have as an impact on the portfolio