random poly gato is a NFT project using erc1155 token standard and chainlink VRF, is possible to mint cat 50 and 50 hoods, after mint is possible to do combine the cat with de hood, the project has 2600 unique NFT how the contract use erc1155 is possible to have more than one NFT with the same ID, how this project are in tesntet does not have a limit bu in the main network the limited will be 10000, as some nft will be minted more than once and others fewer times, the rarity of nft will be random

Random poly gatos showcase

How it's made

the smart contract was written in solidity to get random number was used @Chainlink VRF framework the contract was deployed into @Polygon Mumbai Testnet, the frontend was built in react js with @Moralis to connect to the network and @Covalent to help to get NFT data.