RareKart is a suite of e-commerce tools, Starting with the Shopify plugin. Where merchants can install the plugin on their existing store or integrate via APIs/SDK which provides the capability of wallet signup/sign in, apply the discount and show exclusive products to NFT holders. It will also mint the NFT's for the rare collection and limited editions. So Customers can prove the ownership of that item during reselling. It will help merchants to launch limited editions and give a better experience to those buyers via minting NFT's. All physical items will be linked to NFT's and can be verified via QR codes. Creator will always earn some money while trading and reselling. Later on, we will also introduce the loyalty coins $RARE for the customers which can be redeemed and traded. This will be the most valuable loyalty program where reward coins will have some value and increase over time. In this POC I have created a Shopify application that any Shopify store owner can install which will provide the functionality of wallet signup and discounts for members. I have added a custom checkout page also after placing the order for claiming the NFT. Currently some configs are hardcoded that should be driven via contracts and API's. There will be members only community section in our secondary marketplace where customer can trade their and redeem their coins and NFT's

RareKart showcase

How it's made

Install the Shopify application on the existing store, add the connect wallet button using app blocks, add MINT claim NFT after the purchase. Created the collection using NFTPORT and Minting also done using NFT Port APIs. Later on, it will be directly integrated into the admin dashboard for merchants to launch, multiple rare collections.