Refer your NFT to get commission and rewards, list your NFT to get reward, and shill NFTs here to get rewards. You can list your NFT, then set the rewards properly. Afterwards, one can sign up to be a promoter for the NFTs, by receiving a sharing link that they can use to shill to other NFT projects. The buyer will receive a discount from the shilled NFT link, thus everyone will get proper incentives together.

Referrer NFT showcase

How it's made

We used Moralis API to fetch the user NFT details so that they can pick the NFTs they want to list. We did not use any server, and its fully decentralised through our smart contract deployed on the Polygon Test Mumbai network. We managed to learn about Solidity is very limited time, which was something we were proud off. Most of the work was done on top of the ETH-Scaffold project.