The project is a dApp that generates a mintable profile picture (PFP) where the user can mix and match additional features such as a hairstyle or clothing items on top of a stick figure avatar from a gallery of SVG images to create a unique profile picture. We intend to add additional functionality where the user can add randomly generated features via Chainlink VRF.

Road2Web3-pfp showcase

How it's made

Our app uses SVG code of a base stick figure, accessories and hairstyles that the user chooses to assemble as .svg files stored in a React front-end. In the minting process, the SVG code is added to a metadata .json file which is sent to a Solidity contract that mints the NFT on to the Polygon Mumbai chain. After several confirmations, the NFT image is rendered and can be viewed on Hardhat is used for contract compilation, deployment and contract verification. Our other team member, Rafael Cordero, was our React front-end master who is not listed as a team member on our team page.