SettleFirst brings the power of web3 to help DAOs manage their team and talent, social engagements via events and business engagements with other DAOs. There are multiple streams and workflows, and for this hackathon the focus is on: 1 - build a personal, professional and web 3 social profile page for every user using onchain NFT data 2 - tool to enable publication of jobs, which users can submit. once offer is made and accepted this is minted as a NFT to the user profile. 3 - tool to enable publication of events - which users can register, tokens are minted instantly and added to users profile With work and employment history available on chain, it becomes easier for DAOs to sort through the emerging web3 talent pool. There is also a provision to screen candidates at the time of application using job filters and on-chain history of the user. At the same time, users get the benefit of their contributions recorded on chain and use it to secure additional jobs, build credibility in the domain. Other additions such as hackathon and events participations adds and builds the individual users profile. ---- Next Plans include payment options via SuperFluid - did not get time to complete in this few days Service Requirements for D2D (Dao to Dao) opportunities and Invoice Payments etc Enable users to interact in groups based on user profile via NFT data.

SettleFirst showcase

How it's made

One of the main things to set this up was to standardise the metadata schema for the NFT. The user interface is done with ReactJS. For Public Pages and User Profile Generation, Moralis + Covalent APIs are used in combination. Authentication is done using Metamask. NFT Minting, Transfers, Contract Generation is via NFTPort API Infrastructure and smart contracts are published on mainnet. Polygon Mainnet is for smart contracts and NFT.