Spect Tribes is created as a solution to a problem we heard many people facing while transitioning to working for DAOs - lack of clarity about how tasks will get valued and how they will get paid for their contributions. In Spect tribes, tribes within DAOs can use quadratic voting to value tasks (proactive valuation) and contributions (retroactive valuation) during a certain epoch. Proactive valuation, ie, valuing tasks is needed so people can get paid for working on a task immediately after completion. Retroactive valuation, ie, valuing contributions is essential to reward people for good performance or achievig certain goals thus further incentivizing the tribe to bring their A game. A budget for a certain epoch (a time period during which tasks and contributions are valued) is split based on the value assigned to task or contribution and can be paid out on Spect Tribes. Batch payments are supported so contributors can be paid out all at once. The beauty of Spect Tribes is that contributors themselves decide what gets valued how much, so there is no need for a top-down team structure to take this decision.

Spect Tribes showcase

How it's made

We use Polygon, Moralis, Github and Gnosis Safe in Spect Tribes. Polygon network is used to deploy the contract which can be used to distribute rewards to contributors in a batch. Moralis is used to store and serve app data and for user authentication. Github integration is so tribes can seamlessly integrate with their codebase. Tribes can also use their existing Gnosis safes to distribute payments.