Spheres is a project to create a more intimate, web3 native, social media platform. Currently there are two big problems: Web3 games suck and discord is the defacto web3 community builders despite not being a native web3 platform. With spheres, we are trying to create an immersive world where NFT collectors can meet other NFT collectors in the same community. Pitch deck here:

Spheres showcase

How it's made

Our app is essentially a full stack dApp with smart contracts deployed on Polygon (Mumbai). We used Next.js/React as our web app framework, Hardhat for Solidity development and Ethers.js as our Ethereum web library. We also used the Moralis API to fetch the NFTs that a wallet owns, this was a crucial step in our process. Right now, our only smart contract is one for users to mint their own Sphere NFT that follows ERC721 which we used OpenZeppelin to make happen, which can be tracked here: