It's like PoolTogether but with NFTs, and opportunity for NFT owners to earn money through sponsorships. This project showcases your NFTs where you can then "upgrade" them to make them eligible for receiving money streams from sponsors. In order to sponsor an NFT, you need to upgrade your USDC in the profile view. Once you have some USDCx, to sponsor an NFT you go to to the "super NFTS" view to choose one. A SuperController contract deployed handles the directing of SuperFluid money streams to current NFT owners, and custom subgraph indexes all events. Other users can "bid" on certain NFTs by liking it, contributing a little bit of MATIC, which is added to the grand prize pool. Anyone can trigger the distribution, which actually makes a chainlink VRF request for randomness, and then calls a custom API that determines - for a given block period - which super NFT had the most likes; from there, the random number is used to select a single winner, somebody that liked the super NFT with the most likes.

super-nft-pool showcase

How it's made

Polygon is where the contracts are deployed, and we used the ChildMintableERC721 contract. We used SuperFluid contracts for money streams between sponsors and NFT owners. We used Chainlink for VRF and APIConsumer. We used Moralis API for NFT data. We used TheGraph to index our custom contract data and to query the SuperFluid subgraph for the feed (not actually in the app, but in the feed script).