We aim to democratize carbon market by recognizing and rewarding individuals’ contribution towards a greener earth. We, as human beings, are aiming to accelerate the revolution of voluntary carbon market by offering unprecedented access to people across the globe. Sweetgum is the first truly ESG-focused project on the blockchain. In the Sweetgum ecosystem, players, who are individuals, earn token rewards - OCO, when they make contribution to the earth by participating in carbon offsets projects on Sweetgum network. Project developers leverage Sweetgum infrastructure and APIs to develop gamified carbon offset projects for individual players, which dramatically improve project potentials in a global scale. Regulated and empowered by smart contracts, individuals’ contribution will be accumulated collaboratively and be converted quantitatively and qualitatively into carbon credits and minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which is available in Sweetgum’s marketplace for purchase. Each customized NFT has its own set of attributes that might possibly represent hundreds of tons of carbon emission. Buyers of carbon credits will receive true ownership of carbon credits as non-fungible tokens. By empowering all stakeholders in carbon market, we are building a series of revolutionary Web 3 infra for carbon market. The Sweetgum ecosystem consists of three integrated products that together provide a decentralized solution for natively decentralized voluntary carbon market. A. GAMES: Each game is a decentralized app based on the underlying gamified carbon offset project developed by project developers and available for all users on the blockchain to participate and receive token rewards. Bike-to-earn is the first dAPP/game on Sweetgum network where users participate in biking activities to reduce transportation carbon emission and earn token rewards. B. MARKETPLACE: Marketplace is the Sweetgum’s web-based marketplace allows buyers to purchase NFTed carbon credits. C. SEED SDKs: A comprehensive yet easy to use development toolkits allowing carbon offset project developers to create gamified carbon offset projects. Leveraging development tool kits, verification, and standards from third parties, project developers can develop smart contracts and create rewarding mechanism for carbon offset projects. Furthermore, SEED SDKs allows project developers to easily mint existing carbon offset projects into NFTs, generating more opportunities for existing carbon credit owners.

Sweetgum showcase

How it's made

Frontend: We take next.js, Moralis as our web development frameworks that can interact with Metamask to convert mileage to OCO token and trigger a NFT contract to convert OCO token to Carbon NFT. Moralis is a great framework that speed up our project. Backend: We use hardhat.js and solidity to develop & deploy smart contracts. In the future, we will use Moralis database to store part of metadata for some deep analysis.