Coordination in game theory is when two players have better outcomes if they cooperate. We apply this idea to launchpad investing. The product is a Dapp that allows small launchpad token holders to pool together with a ''Trader'' (The account manager) that manages a larger top tier account with launchpads to earn guaranteed IDOs. The Trader takes funds from the investors and shares the IDO tokens back with the investors. How do we ensure the trader does not run away with the tokens? Each trader needs to set up a multisig wallet that has a built in cosigner. This cosigner ensures the funds are only sent to whitelisted addresses (the launchpad staking contract, the internal IDO token pool, or the trader's personal wallet (only with his/her share of the IDO tokens). This cosigner can be a randomized and delegated individuals or a program that cosigned automatically and decentrally. Keeping up with the right addresses for the IDOs and keeping track of the top tier requirement for each launchpad is what we called: The Information problem. This can be resolved with economic mechanism design.

The Launchpad Club/ Ape Fuel showcase

How it's made

This project used solidity to build the smart contracts which are made up into two major parts; 1)the launchpad vaults which are the pools and the 2) multi sig wallets. Even though Gnosis has a good set of tools, we opted to build those two components from scratch. We used Moralis to tie some of the pieces together.