The Oyster is a curated design objects marketplace, where each purchase is rewarded by an NFT. This NFT is part of the design process of the designer (usually sketchs, drawings, photography, 3D model). To the buyer it's a collectible, and to the designer it's a way to valuate there work process and get revenu from secondary sales. The Oyster's goal is to onboard designers and design lover in web3 through culture. Anyone can buy on The Oyster without even understanding nfts: Payment will be possible in fiat and in crypto. If the buyer payed in fiat, he will have 10 days to claim his nft, as a way to onboard people.

The Oyster showcase

How it's made

We used NFT port to mint and deploy our Nfts on Polygon and use ipfs. We plan to keep going on our MVP with NFTport as it's an easy way to develop and test our idea and features. We used Vercel and Tailwind css for the frontend. We plan to use Web3Auth but didn't have time to implement it yet. Note: Wallet connect is only functional on local.