This project includes a stunning frontend design coded from scratch, which is connected to the blockchain. Fans can easily send tips to their favourite content creator in just few clicks. Tippy is a platform for content creators to make exclusive relationships with their fans. A creator can create custom fan pages to share on their social media profiles and start receiving tips from their fans. This enables creators to identify their true fans and reward them. For fans, they have an opportunity to show their love for their favourite creator. The Tippy dapp has been deployed on the polygon mumbai testnet. We are soon going to add the content creator functionality i.e what the content creator will be offering. 1.)Royalties - here fans will earn royalty from creator's content 2.)Token gated content - here exclusive content will be shared with the fans 3.)Special NFT avatars will also be available for the fans.

Tippy showcase

How it's made

This project involves making a website from scratch using react.js and tailwind css. A modern real world web3.0 website that includes being connected to the blockchain, Metamask pairing, interaction with smart contracts, sending Matic through the blockchain network and solidity code. Tippy is the best web3.0 application that a budding creator can ask for.