This project allows anyone to create tokens for an event, mint them, and scan them at the event using tokencomrade. I wanted to provide a place for anybody to create an event that they can sell tickets to without paying an arm and a leg to middlemen companies. I would have liked to have created a marketplace and a browser for different events being hosted. I think there are a lot of ways to take this project further. FYI it's called token comrade as a sort of retort to Ticket Master, get it? because decentralized and all? It's a pun.

TokenComrade showcase

How it's made

The project uses solidity, html, css, js and web3.js. They are pieced together by trial and error and misunderstanding the technology many times. I was able to get through creating a smart contract, that felt pretty hacky to me, I thought my organization of the structs was nice. I impressed myself in getting so far and seeing it come together so well.