Tripleeet is a web3 version of Patreon. Offer memberships and get paid via real-time streams of crypto. In return, your Tripleeets receive a real-time stream of your very own ERC20 token. Backers also get an NFT key from Unlock Protocol that can be used to grant access to members-only benefits. Also, mint NFTs through your dashboard. Setup takes minutes. Get paid and build a community of Tripleeets.

Tripleeet showcase

How it's made

Decentralised Services (Ether.js and communication with Smart Contract). Smart Contracts (Triplet, TripleeetERC20, TripleeetNft) are deployed on Polygon Mumbai Testnet. This project uses, - NextJs to design the frontend and - Sequence for the wallet connect - NFT IPFS storage and metadata.json and YES we are storing the NFT data on IPFS through - Creating tier (Lock) on Unlock-Protocol. - SuperFluid for membership streaming. - ApexChart for showing superfluid streaming data - Mining NFTs on NFT PORT API, easy minting