Trove Protocol allows the creation of location-based entities. It will power the MintHunt mobile app but other projects will be able to create their own layers with their own entities. So far we have two entity types: Treasure Entity: - the treasures that you find & collect (partially done) Interactive Entity: - this is an experience bound to a physical location, it can be anything from a shop to an advertisement. Each entity will be created using some on-chain data and data stored on IPFS. Each entity will have it’s own UI when interacting with it that the developers can create. The interface will probably be limited initially to an image, and some buttons that will call smart contracts.

Trove Protocol showcase

How it's made

Trove is a set of smart contracts, the main contract is the Registry. The registry contains layers and the layers contain entities. Layer 0 will be used in the MintHunt mobile app and will facilitate the NFT treasure hunt. Other people will be able to build their own layers or to add entities to existing layers.