One of the biggest pain in crypto is the carbon cost generated by crypto in general. Txn Carbon enables you to connect your wallet to our crypto API to measure your carbon impact. The project uses reliable public data sets to produce fair and unbias values. The transactional carbon values reflect an honest opinion about the carbon cost of each transaction. Those assumptions have limits but reflect the best guess we are able to make according to available public data sets.

TXN Carbon showcase

How it's made

The dataset for gas was taken from the Polygonscan API. This solution is an MVP and a work in progress. The formula is: (Sum of Gas Fee of all transaction of MINER Y/ Total number of transactions of Miner Y) X (Total transaction of Miners X Average CO2 cost per transaction) = XX kg CO2 The wallet’s footprint is the sum of Gas consumed for transactions leaving your wallet, multiplied by a best-guess estimated emissions factor. The emissions factor was derived from the average CO2 cost of transactions on Polygon. The formula has its limits and is still a work in progress. There are theoretical research on Ethereum emission that could potentially be used to build a better model. Since Polygon is a proof of Stake model, the architecture of the system enables us to use the average CO2 per transaction on Polygon because other variables will have negligible effects. For more information on the project, please review the Gitbook.