Unifolio shows you your coins and NFTs across different wallets on the same page. No need to open multiple wallet apps (Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Trustwallet, etc.) Simply enter your address and you can see it. I use several wallets. It is cumbersome to manually open them all one by one. Zerion doesn't support BTC or Solana. That's why I made this. Add your wallet addresses in the app. It will fetch your balance and NFTs for every wallet, every chain. Automatically.

Unifolio showcase

How it's made

I have used React + TypeScript for front end. I use Covalent apis for fetching wallet balances. Covalent gives you balances for Bitcoin along with Ethereum tokens. So you don't have to query every chain. I use Opensea and NFT Port apis for NFTs. Similarly these two apis make it easy by giving all the data from multiple chains. Plus a lot of polish to remove rough edges.