Unio is a payment app that is Defi: 1. Unio is a payment platform where users may build an NFT payment profile that includes their username, bio, avatar, and coin preferences. For example, ETH, MATIC, and DAI. 2. Once a user's profile has been created, he or she can go into the app and initiate a new payment or seek for another user or merchant to make a payment with. 3.Users can pay directly to their NFT username using this app, and they can send any ETH-based coin that is listed on the Polygon network and has liquidity in the Uniswap pool. 4. When the user initiates a payment in Matic, the dapp retrieves the receipent's preferred coin and invokes a Unio smart contract on the Polygon network to swap the tokens using Uniswap and make a payment to the receipent. As a result, this payment software serves as an all-in-one and all-for-one solution. Now you'll get the coin of your choice.

Unio showcase

How it's made

I build this Project using Hardhat smart contract framework ,Openzepplin ERC721 sdk for making non-fungible tokens contracts Standards with IPFS URL metadata file, solidity for developing to two smart contract one is NFT contract and second is marketplace contract ,Moralis Speedy Link for Polygon mumbai RPC to connect with polygon mumbai network and deploy my contract on to it on Backend. For Forntend i used Nextjs as UI framework , Tailwindcss for styling, IPFS for NFT metadata storage , Uniswap library for internal swapping plus payments and Polygon mumbai test to deploy and interact with smart contract.