This project allows fans to support their favorite upcoming sports stars. Upon registration, a player is able to receive tokens, early supporters are able to buy and sell their tokens. Players will be able to register a goal that serves as their profile for fans to support them. Investors will be able to buy, sell, and trade players' tokens(This is for the future).

Upcoming Sports Stars showcase

How it's made

Upcoming Sports Stars application makes use of the following software: Polygon, Matic Network: the network we deployed the app. Covalent API: for a quick way to fetch and retrieve NFTs from a wallet address. ​​ NFTPort: for multi-chain NFT minting, and data transparency such as distributing rewards and minting the NFT. NFTStorage: the data is stored on NFTStorage IPFS, the generated hash (CID) will be used to view the details and to retrieve the NFT. Solidity: Solidity was used for the smart contract together with OpenZeppelin ERC721 for faster development of the smart contract Hardhat: for local blockchain development Frontend: React Js for the frontend, Material-UI, and Web3 to connect to the blockchain.