Watch2Earn rewards consumers for their attention to a brand campaign. Watch2Earn rewards businesses by entrenching customer loyalty and brand affiliation. Our unique approach rewards users with a unique NFT voucher for their time and attention. The NFT will be limited for each campaign and will have limited quantity. The NFT can be swapped for a physical/virtual reward or kept as a digital asset and traded in secondary markets. Our goal is to provide a brand loyalty flywheel. Example 1: A business lunch a new line of shoes, the business wants to increase loyalty to the brand and launch a campaign. Each user who video a short commercial on the shoes will get rewarded by a unique NFT. In turn the NFT can be used to claim new limited series laces . Alternatively the user can opt to keep the NFT and trade it in secondary markets. Example 2: Peanuts manufacturers need to increase sales. The business launched a new campaign on their peanuts . Users will get rewarded by a unique NFT which can then be claimed for an order of peanuts . Example 3: A music concert organizer requires all attendees to review safety rules prior for the event. The campaign will list a video on safety instruction . Each customer who will watch the video prior to the event will receive an NFT which can be claimed for merchandise ( such as a beer or a glowstick ) at the event. Thus reducing the event load during check-in and promoting sponsors merch.

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How it's made

Our technology stack : Polygon Network – Network of choice due ;ease, cost and efficiency around NFT minting. Moralis – Moralis as turnkey infrastructure, Web3 Interface and wallet connectivity Vercel – Website hosting IPFS – Content Storage MongoDB – Offchain DB HardHat – Solidity development and testing Figma – UI/UX designs React – Front End NextJS - FrontEnd Biconomy - Gaseless transaction