An adept platform that easily and quickly converts your image into an animated Avatar. Don't worry about complex passwords anymore just use Web3 Login's Avatars and login to your social media handles and other platforms. Mint your NFT now for FREE. NFT Faceim is an application where users will be able to generate their very own NFT Avatar in just a few clicks. The NFT minted by the users will serve the purpose of enabling the users to log in to various different platforms using just their NFT, the information input by the user will be directly shown as traits for the NFT's. Clicking the submit button would further proceed to show a Cartoonized image which intern will act as your Avatar NFT. This NFT will be minted on the Polygon chain and users will be able to view it on their Open sea account.

Web 3 Login using PolyGon (NFTFaciem) showcase

How it's made

Basically, I want to give an easy solution for web 3 login. Now, web3 login works like connecting your wallet and authorizing it. Now I want to create an NFT for everyone and make the properties of the NFT is your information. (like Name, Age, Image and Gender) + I'm not getting any personal information of the User like mobile number and email ID. And these NFT's can be your avatar in any web3 based website. This project is developed in React JS and uses the Metamask wallet(Web-based), truffle, and solidity. All the smart contract is developed in Solidity. Uploading the NFT image in IPFS. This DAPP is built on Polygon.