This project uses NFTPort, Moralis, Polygon and also Web3Auth to create an enjoyful NFT minting experience. Users can create, design, pick background color, customise words and mint their own comic-like nfts on Polygon through NFTPort. We also tried Web3Auth which allow users to login to the Dapp through Web2 agents such as Google account.

Web3 Comic Blocks NFT  showcase

How it's made

This project uses NFTPort's easy to use API for minting NFTs directly onto Polygon. We use Moralis to act as a Firebase-like agent and to connect to the Polygon chain. The Dapp is fully based on Polygon, NFTs are all going to be minted on Polygon, NFT metadata are fetched from the Polygon chain. Last but not least is to use Web3Auth to onboard regular users who doesn't have web3 wallet.