Web3chatservice is an anonymous communication platform for integrating real time web3 communication into Dapps via chat plugins. To allow one to one communication between users and organisations. a decentralized intercom. A tool That dapps can plugin to enable a one-to-one communication channel between the customers and them.

Web3chatservice showcase

How it's made

We used polygon to deploy the smart-contracts so that organisations can be able to inexpensively mint their chat controllers. We want to make every message onchain verifiable. Using chainlink, we binded every message with a unique random number that serves as a message Id that lets organisations verify that the message is truly from a particular address. We don't want to spin every content or message sent out from ipfs to the user once the plugin is loaded, hence we use graphql to give user's a max of 10 messages per page, (of course it loads more if the user scrolls up) for performance purposes. We want users to have a single address used in interacting across multiple organizational plugins. So we use web3auth to provide a "login by email" option so that their reputation can be contributed to across several organizational plugin. (The reputation helps filter spam, giving the organisations a way to reply the most trusted sender's first). In order to make spamming unprofitable, we introduced pay per message (using matic tokens) in which the amount keep growing exponentially if the user don't get a reply. (Remains constant if the user receives reply from the organisation).