Scaling Ethereum 2021

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Apr 9 2021 - May 14 2021
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Eth Gas Recommender
Eth Gas RecommenderScaling Ethereum 2021
Dashboard site telling the user if they might want to wait to schedule thei...
ELMOScaling Ethereum 2021
It's Venmo, but for Layer 2 -- Exchange L2 Money Optimistically
InvestinScaling Ethereum 2021
Decentralized fund management protocol using NFTs to track invstments
NERD: Nifty Erdstall
NERD: Nifty ErdstallScaling Ethereum 2021
NERD: Nifty Erdstall. An off-chain NFT marketplace with confidential NFTs. ...
SwapshopScaling Ethereum 2021
Swap Shop - Trade or swap your NFTs and digital assets risk free. Peer to P...
kangarooScaling Ethereum 2021
Kangaroo is Discord Layer 2 Wallet powered by zkSync. It provides a Discord...
CoinPortScaling Ethereum 2021
CoinPort offers insightful and detailed data on the history of your DeFi po...
LayerHopScaling Ethereum 2021
A dApp to enable cross chain value streaming and transfers. Additionally i...
RentifyScaling Ethereum 2021
Fluidify rental contracts in a decentralised way for vacation guest hou...
NFT Puzzle Thing
NFT Puzzle ThingScaling Ethereum 2021
Have you ever wondered if collecting NFT's was not just buying and selling ...
Vol Protocol
Vol ProtocolScaling Ethereum 2021
tokenized volatility protocol with a mechanism to peg the volatility value ...
OptimisticKovanArtStoreScaling Ethereum 2021
An ERC721 Store Demo Deployed on Optimism Kovan for minting NFT
HeterotopeScaling Ethereum 2021
Market based information curation using natively-shortable bonding curves
HarmoniaScaling Ethereum 2021
Harmonia is a platform for scalable, decentralized dispute resolution throu...
CreativeScaling Ethereum 2021
A gamified blockchain platform for independent creators, fans, and brands c...
Golden Ticket
Golden TicketScaling Ethereum 2021
NFT Raffle on Polygon using Chainlink VRF for drawing the winner
QuartierScaling Ethereum 2021
E-voting and liquid democracy for everyone through secret contracts.
Farmtopia Scaling Ethereum 2021
Farmtopia is a high yield savings account, backed by the blockchain. It off...
Scaffold Reach UI
Scaffold Reach UIScaling Ethereum 2021
Scaffold Reach UI allows Reach Ethereum developers to create and deploy dAp...
ExfilScaling Ethereum 2021
Exfil is a protocol and SDK that provides instant withdrawals of crypto ass...
PixfarmonScaling Ethereum 2021
A small game about farming and pet raising and fighting. Here, we can impro...
B-Commerce - Web3 + L2 Retail Solutions
B-Commerce - Web3 + L2 Retail SolutionsScaling Ethereum 2021
Decentralized Shopify using L2+Web3 for payments, storage, API, and digital...
Secret Manufaktur
Secret ManufakturScaling Ethereum 2021
Secret Manufaktur brings privacy to NFT art. It allows artists and collecto...
mBondXScaling Ethereum 2021
Bond Market- sell and buy bonds. it provide the platform to the user to ...
Zhida Luo
Zhida LuoScaling Ethereum 2021
NFT encryption art entertainment creation platform, to provide users with a...
HydroFileScaling Ethereum 2021
An automated way to keep track of IPFS CIDs -- sail the seas of CIDs!
GradientScaling Ethereum 2021
A defi ecosystem whose participants compete to infer, assemble & provide th...
PrimerScaling Ethereum 2021
Primer is the first worker-sided payment protocol. It uses fractionalized ...
BraineumScaling Ethereum 2021
A massively redundant parallelized global computer with N blockchains model...
Gas Relay Service on zkSync
Gas Relay Service on zkSyncScaling Ethereum 2021
With zkSync wallet, token receiver can pay gas fee for the sender.
BlockChopperScaling Ethereum 2021
Multilayered Layer 1 Layer 2 Tool to deploy multiple contracts.
TradeHackScaling Ethereum 2021
Move the Letter of Credit to the blockchain by scaling Skale's L2 solution
ETHtariumScaling Ethereum 2021
Creating a 3D map of all of crypto. Visualizing suggested transaction rou...
MATOKEN MarketScaling Ethereum 2021
A storefront interface for music minted in the all new MATOKEN - an NFT bas...
Eugene McQuaid
Eugene McQuaidScaling Ethereum 2021
A Special Drawing Right (SDR) Synthetic Central Bank Digital Currency CBDC ...
Photogrammetry (3D scanning) on Golem
Photogrammetry (3D scanning) on GolemScaling Ethereum 2021
An online IDE which lets you run Micmac photogrammetry workloads on Golem.
SolveScaling Ethereum 2021
Auto-tests for Solidity smart contracts: upload your contract and get a rep...
Ether Empire
Ether Empire Scaling Ethereum 2021
A 2D kingdom-building game hosted on Ethereum where players can purchase la...
dAppy Doge L2
dAppy Doge L2Scaling Ethereum 2021
dAppy Doge, a L2 game using Polygon, Torus and Unity. Very wOw.
Handler Exchange
Handler ExchangeScaling Ethereum 2021
A decentralized freelance platform with variable initial payments and escro...
AzuloScaling Ethereum 2021
Azulo is a decentralized digital family trust system to manage and govern j...
AddendumScaling Ethereum 2021
Smart Wallet attachment that translates your crypto transactions into human...
Agent Ransack
Agent RansackScaling Ethereum 2021
Confronting Wash Trading with an agent Ransack acting as a watchdog that fl...
RickosheaScaling Ethereum 2021
Scaling and simplifying Dollar-cost Averaging using Superfluid
TrollBridgeScaling Ethereum 2021
Fast withdraw your tokens to from L2 to L1 (Optimism) using private swap po...
Vaccine NFT
Vaccine NFTScaling Ethereum 2021
Vaccine NFT is a growth hack to promote COVID-19 vaccination using NFTs. Ge...
ToroSwapScaling Ethereum 2021
ToroSwap is the best way for creators and influencers to get paid
Verifiable Oracles
Verifiable OraclesScaling Ethereum 2021
For the start, this project aim to build verifiable oracle service that can...
cipayScaling Ethereum 2021
Cipay allows you to pay fiat invoices with your ETH on Optimism.
Shiny L2
Shiny L2Scaling Ethereum 2021
Making the L1 PixelCon NFT ecosystem 'shine' using Optimism L2
eth-sorbetScaling Ethereum 2021
Smooth transition to L2, just like sorbet before main course
XLN: Extended Lightning Network
XLN: Extended Lightning NetworkScaling Ethereum 2021
Solving the fundamental flaw of collateral-only payment channel networks su...
IPFS-CIDSailScaling Ethereum 2021
A command line utility that helps you find/check/keep track of your files p...
Lodestar Light Client
Lodestar Light ClientScaling Ethereum 2021
We build a prototype of an Eth2.0 lightclient to sync to the Lodestar beaco...
TwistyScaling Ethereum 2021
Twisty is a payroll platform for salaried employees to receive their salari...
Cross rollups O(1) messages bridge
Cross rollups O(1) messages bridgeScaling Ethereum 2021
Cross-rollup trustless O(1) bridge. Send messages between rollups at minim...
Proof of Snek
Proof of SnekScaling Ethereum 2021
Players want instant gratification. Deploying an old game I had started bui...
hardhat-deploy multi-chain
hardhat-deploy multi-chainScaling Ethereum 2021
Improve tooling for multi chain deployment using existing toolchain
ChainYieldScaling Ethereum 2021
Open standard for calculating historical APRs and predicting future APRs of...
Ray Tracing
Ray TracingScaling Ethereum 2021
Ray Tracing allows to trace MEV (miner extractable value) hiding between th...
NFTreeScaling Ethereum 2021
Plan is to build a tree-like data structure composed of ERC-721 NFTs. An NF...
FlauntScaling Ethereum 2021
Enabling NFT owners to creative meme-ified derivative assets (new NFTs) fro...
Layer2 DEX Aggregator
Layer2 DEX AggregatorScaling Ethereum 2021
Keep track of your money across chains and exchange it automatically if nee...
CharonScaling Ethereum 2021
Charon is the ferryman that helps you crossing the styx beween the Ethereum...
StandardScaling Ethereum 2021
A simple entry point for non-crypto natives to engage with DeFi that is aff...
Earnifi POAP Raffles
Earnifi POAP RafflesScaling Ethereum 2021
POAP offers raffles often, but hearing about them, signing up, and getting ...
PennyDAOScaling Ethereum 2021
PennyDAO creates a marketplace for impact NFTs that reduce student debt wit...
turbo-geth contributions
turbo-geth contributionsScaling Ethereum 2021
Try to understand turbo-geth at high level and contribute (unfinished)
Keshav  Mundhra
Keshav MundhraScaling Ethereum 2021
Idea is to use liquidity available on L1 on L2. To enable people for vario...
MasketScaling Ethereum 2021
Masket is a a privacy-first marketplace that enables buyers and sellers to ...
ScalingEthFRScaling Ethereum 2021
Building a sort of optimistic rollup protocol which stores the resulting da...
AddrListScaling Ethereum 2021
AddrList allows anyone to maintain a list of addresses for use in smart con...
AlexandriaScaling Ethereum 2021
A dApp using STARKs to verify aspects of your identity without revealing mo...
PerpetuityScaling Ethereum 2021
Perpetual options market that quickly transfers funds from one wallet to an...
flex-dappsScaling Ethereum 2021
A simple tool that allows you to dollar cost average a position automatical...
3d NFT
3d NFTScaling Ethereum 2021
a marketplace fo 3D Non-Fungible Tokens with interesting integrations
Layer 2 Finance combination strategy
Layer 2 Finance combination strategyScaling Ethereum 2021
A layer 2 finance strategy combining both cream and compound protocol to ac...
Boson Cross-Chain
Boson Cross-ChainScaling Ethereum 2021
Sell physical goods across different blockchains. We need a mechanism to tr...
DVHDB - Distributed Video Hash Database
DVHDB - Distributed Video Hash DatabaseScaling Ethereum 2021
Colaborative and distributed database of video hashes ...
Optimistic Raiden
Optimistic RaidenScaling Ethereum 2021
A port of the Raiden Protocol contracts to the Optimism Scaling Solution
Nama Finance
Nama FinanceScaling Ethereum 2021
A decentralized one-stop-shop data manager for meta creators
AtelioScaling Ethereum 2021
A Swiss manufacturing ecosystem ensuring industry compliance, product authe...
ETHHole.linkScaling Ethereum 2021
On-chain analytics of how tokens flow through the Layer 2 and Sidechain fro...
ZenethScaling Ethereum 2021
Zeneth uses Flashbots to enable arbitrary meta-transactions so EOAs can ent...
VoltaireScaling Ethereum 2021
A high-yield savings account for everyday investors, powered by decentraliz...
EWalletScaling Ethereum 2021
Non custodial wallet for corporation, non profit or group sharing the same ...
CoinOutScaling Ethereum 2021
Smart contract that enables companies to reward their customers by allowing...
Bridge Troll
Bridge TrollScaling Ethereum 2021
Bridge Troll allows users to cross over to L2s without the initial fee for ...
Cairo Debugger Adapter Protocol Support
Cairo Debugger Adapter Protocol SupportScaling Ethereum 2021
The Cairo Debugger Adapter Protocol brings feature-rich debugging of Cairo ...
EverlastingNotebookScaling Ethereum 2021
There are too many lies in this world, and the hateful lies will be forgott...
NGO Fundraiser
NGO FundraiserScaling Ethereum 2021
NGO Fundraiser: Your small contribution can make a difference.
DevolutionScaling Ethereum 2021
Flexible L2 DAO platform that provides scalable base layer interoperability...
Global Router Metrics for Connext
Global Router Metrics for ConnextScaling Ethereum 2021
A a small dashboard for Connext Network
TaDa!Scaling Ethereum 2021
TaDa allows you to own tradeable tokens of your favourite YouTube creators....
The LabRats
The LabRatsScaling Ethereum 2021
A multiplayer trading graph betting game where you bet if the graph will go...
AgoraScaling Ethereum 2021
Community driven education platform to make education more engaging and les...
BrainStore Payments gateway
BrainStore Payments gatewayScaling Ethereum 2021
A Simple Non-Custodial Payments Gateway For Web2-or-3 Marketplaces
Scaling Concept
Scaling ConceptScaling Ethereum 2021
Adaptive proof-of-work blockchains that independently submit transactions t...
MusicoinScaling Ethereum 2021
Revolutionizing the creation and distribution of value for musical activity
2pi.financeScaling Ethereum 2021
Yield Aggregator that operates on Polygon and (in a future) interact with m...
RegenYieldScaling Ethereum 2021
Though without relevant technical skills I present an idea that sits at the...
RainbowBridgeScaling Ethereum 2021
Cross-chain asset bridge to connect Secret Network to Polygon
Proof of attendance
Proof of attendanceScaling Ethereum 2021
Dapp to manage people and track attendance within an organization [DAO]
EthentityScaling Ethereum 2021
A Decentralized government ID verification platform on top of Arbitrum (Eth...
TrustScaling Ethereum 2021
A decentrailized trust for crypto assets. Yes! A trust you can rely on
TicketShareScaling Ethereum 2021
A ticketing platform showcasing an innovative, network-effect driven affili...
Prime Choice Select
Prime Choice SelectScaling Ethereum 2021
Prime Choice Select is blockchain payment application that automatically se...
PopcornScaling Ethereum 2021
Popcorn is a yield optimizer where fees are used to fund educational, envir...
OMG!Scaling Ethereum 2021
Decentralized food review platform allowing for tipping of honest reviews.
L2 Exit Format
L2 Exit FormatScaling Ethereum 2021
An exit format allows one to specify how assets locked up and redistributed...
Mark UI
Mark UIScaling Ethereum 2021
The Mark dapp hackathon project provides a UI to connect creators with lice...
Social Kontracts
Social KontractsScaling Ethereum 2021
Helping people gamify and enforce healthy habits on the blockchain
Cities Protocol
Cities ProtocolScaling Ethereum 2021
A Dapp to digitize urban governance in Queretaro City through gamified inte...
etheyeScaling Ethereum 2021
(i) decentralised data store for nano-satellite industry + (ii) compute to ...
Panopticon + Token Wormhole
Panopticon + Token WormholeScaling Ethereum 2021
An oracle for cross-chain proof of events, with a neat token wormhole proof...
IPDID - Speed Up DID Resolution
IPDID - Speed Up DID Resolution Scaling Ethereum 2021
Inspired by IPFS, we want to implement a DID compliant verifiable credentia...
WelterScaling Ethereum 2021
L2-agnostic private transaction dApp that allows arbitrary deposit and with...
milliondollartokenpage on L2
milliondollartokenpage on L2Scaling Ethereum 2021
Milliondollarhomepage with Ethereum NFTs - now on L2 through Polygon
Curator Token
Curator TokenScaling Ethereum 2021
A decentralized Hacker News. The front page of web3. Content curated by sta...
diLaunchScaling Ethereum 2021
Tokenomics tool to automate a fair token launch, and a native profit-sharin...
Blockhead - Crypto Portfolio and Explorer
Blockhead - Crypto Portfolio and ExplorerScaling Ethereum 2021
Blockhead is a user-friendly crypto portfolio and explorer interface for Et...
gnuswapScaling Ethereum 2021
Gnosis safe plugin that provides an interface for multichain swap
Perun Channels On Rollups
Perun Channels On RollupsScaling Ethereum 2021
Perun Channels can enable micro-transactions between rollups without going ...
Object Migration Oracle (OMO)
Object Migration Oracle (OMO)Scaling Ethereum 2021
OMO is a system that analzes interaction between objects in a sharded block...
MyieldScaling Ethereum 2021
Myield manages your Matic to earn the highest amount of Polygon rewards
NFT Haus
NFT HausScaling Ethereum 2021
NFT Haus is a website where non-developers can easily deploy and interact w...
ZeroSwapScaling Ethereum 2021
Automatic market maker written in Zinc for zkSync, based on Uniswap v2
DAO Dapp Store
DAO Dapp StoreScaling Ethereum 2021
Non-custodial wallets with multiple private keys distributions. Supporting ...
Steak Master
Steak MasterScaling Ethereum 2021
The newest decentralized business steaking system #trustmysteak
PotatoWalletScaling Ethereum 2021
This is a proof of concent of generating ethereum wallet and recover it.
DDTokenScaling Ethereum 2021
Combining growth hacking with self-sovereign identity in the DeFi world.
Parimutuel on MATIC
Parimutuel on MATICScaling Ethereum 2021
Parimutuel is a system where bets for all possible outcomes of an event are...
Sustainable Metadata
Sustainable MetadataScaling Ethereum 2021
NFTs have a problem that their metadata can be changed without the owners' ...
Polygon Galaxy
Polygon GalaxyScaling Ethereum 2021
It is a dashboard of polygon network with in-depth. meaningful & clearly un...
Bundle.bondScaling Ethereum 2021
Create an online reservation that makes possible to reserve a team/time NFT...
TwisterScaling Ethereum 2021
Bringing Tornado Cash's privacy to Arbitrum's Layer 2 technology.
offchain.networkScaling Ethereum 2021
Layer 3 bidirectional payment channel solution on top of Layer 2
Shhh!Scaling Ethereum 2021
It's like Snapchat for secrets. Try it out at
CropTrackerScaling Ethereum 2021
CropTracker is a dashboard for gardeners, yield farmers, and agriculturalis...
Out Of Gas
Out Of GasScaling Ethereum 2021
Data visualization tool that categorizes and displays Ethereum transactions...
CIRCULARScaling Ethereum 2021
How to scale Ethereum to real world project and inch world closer to circul...
CirculariseScaling Ethereum 2021
We’re exploring solutions to get more scale with ERC1155 smart-contracts fo...
FlashMoveScaling Ethereum 2021
Tool to Move tokens between multiple blockchains , from Ethereum to Matic
PixelPropertyScaling Ethereum 2021
The community driven evolving digital canvas running on sidechains with Con...
KOKUScaling Ethereum 2021
Sandbox of Distributed Authority Management System (Executor, Legislator, a...
ZKSwap Things
ZKSwap ThingsScaling Ethereum 2021
A Python wrapper around the ZKSwap API, with augmented functionality.