We aim to create an integration between e-commerce platforms such as or Shopify with DeFi products such as Yearn Finance, Compound, others... The main goal is for these platforms to provide easy access to their users, in order to obtain yield in different products, such as stable-coins, or any other cryptocurrencies. The vaults will be implemented to interact with other networks vaults to obtain the highest APY possible for a specific token/coin. Creating a multi-chain yield aggregator starting with polygon. showcase

How it's made

This project will use: a) Metamask (wallet side) b) client side we use react/redux and web3.js to interact with the contracts c) solidity to create smart-contracts for vault/controller/strategy. The controller basically manage what vault can use what strategy. The strategy is the responsible to interact with an external pool or vault or send found throught a bridge to other chain. While the vault only knows how much each user deposited. For the first step we built over polygon network and use the Aave lending pool.

Technologies used